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      Trekking Poles



      The basket prevents the poles from sinking into soft surfaces which also protects the lower shaft of the trekking pole. There basket are design for different condition and they typically can be exchanged without any tools.

      An Anti-shock system is usually built into the tip of the trekking pole reduces impact on muscles, joints and ligaments.

      The Shaft is commonly composed out of aluminum or carbon. Aluminum is sturdy, extremely robust and very durable. Carbon is super light and rigid for an effortless swing action.

      Adjustable security strap
      The security strap allows for a loose grip which helps prevent hand fatigue.

      Ergonomic grip
      Both cork and foam grips absorb moisture from your hands making them an ideal choice for long spring and summer treks. Rubber grips tend to grip well and provide a sure grip when wearing gloves making them a good choice for cold weather hikes.

      Trekking poles come with a carbide tip. This carbide tip can vary in design but provide traction on various terrains.

      Locking Mechanism
      Twist locks as the name implies using a twisting motion to tighten or loosen the mechanism which locks the telescoping poles in place. Clamp or flip locks on the other hand, use small levers to provide the clamping force that locks the telescoping poles in place.

      Folding Trekking or Z Trekking Poles
      The main advantage is their small pack size which allows you to store them in just about any place in your backpack.